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in an attractive manner


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The legislation, cutely named the Brewers Employment and Excise Relief (BEER) Act, is an effort to promote job growth within an industry that employs nearly 100,000 people nationwide, according to a March 9 press release from Cantwell's office.
Cool and cutely handsome, he stepped up the fashion look to mixed reactions in August last year when he dyed his hair platinum blond for The Reinvention Issue of Blackbook magazine.
INDIANS ABOUT now, fluffy little lambs will be frollicking cutely in fields.
Where, for instance, were the cartoony sculptures, often of cutely anthropomorphic felines--the artist's name being a homonym for ses chats, "his cats"--for which he is best known?
Tinker Bell & The Lost Treasure takes the spirit of adventure back to the land of the pixies and trolls, where everything is always cutely Disney.
No doubt, Oliver neglected to mention his kids' names (the latest one's called Petal Blossom) as he attempted to empathise with the former gang members in between picking up tips on how to make gorditas (the sweet little tortillas cutely described as little fat girls), a mole (a Mexican sauce) with 36 ingredients and huevos rancheros.
Danny Higginbotham's flighted cross was cutely flicked on by James Beattie for Lawrence to dance round Gael Givet.
ALL TIED UP Cutely cropped sleeves and a skinny sash make awesome updates to a pretty poet blouse.
In the past, the blues-oriented jam (which Wikipedia cutely notes refers to music, not a fruit preserve) band has toured with Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Jimmy Page, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Oasis, AC/DC and Lenny Kravitz.
Lil' Bush" is a cutely designed, cheesy Flash-animated series featuring George W.
This studio album, recorded whilst on tour in Australia in 1993, includes self-penned little ditties such as Live Love Or Die, Bushman Tucker, Cookie Time and the cutely titled Furburger.
Cutely drawn characters against a candy-colored setting sharply contrast with the overall themes of this darkly humorous book.
All four members ( as well as Dougie on bass, there's Tom Fletcher on lead vocals and guitar, Danny Jones on guitar and vocals and Harry Judd on drums ( rather cutely got a star tattoo to mark their membership of McFly.
Movin' Out takes a pearl-string of cutely apposite Billy Joel songs and hangs on it a tritely effective story, of the Vietnam generation and its alienation.
Du Bois, or Hephaestus, Limping," cutely and acutely searches out connections between Du Bois's aesthetics and those of other blacks, most notably what Trey Ellis has popularized in his term the "NBA" (New Black Aesthetic), whose "characterization .