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tannin extract derived from any of several mangrove barks of Pacific areas


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Black cutch, pounds 15 @ Next Black wide leg jumpsuit with gold belt, pounds 54.
11) Significantly, as with Ahmad Tajuddin's reliance first on his Malayan private secretary and later on the former Sarawak government officer, Gerard MacBryan, Jamalul Alam's father, Sultan Hashim, had preferred to make use of an outsider--in this case an independent Englishman managing a foreign-owned cutch (mangrove bark) company--rather than rely on his Resident.
Catechu or cutch is an astringent produced from a number of species, but especially from Acacia catechu.
The most important products exported by India included polypropylene, iron ore fines and lumps, meal of soybean solvent extracted, electrolytic plates, vegetable seeds and cutch extracts.
14) The land of origin is an important parameter in judging a horse, and Tod in his Annals observes that there were several horse fairs in Marwar, where "the horses of Cutch and Cattiawar, the jungle, and Mooltan, were brought in great numbers.