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Synonyms for cutback

Synonyms for cutback

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a reduction in quantity or rate

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The initial news of the cutback was reported by JimRomenesko.
The Mid-Atlantic region showed a moderate decrease in the number of cutbacks experienced this survey year; 44.
By cutting 1,000 teacher jobs, class sizes will increase and such a cutback will only worsen the education system of our children.
Between January and March employers announced an average of 3,106 cutbacks per day compared to 2,589 daily cuts during the 1993 fourth quarter.
To its credit, Caltech's administration has rolled back many of the budget cutbacks and other changes.
A spokesman for ASTI said: "The research shows that the cutbacks are not only impacting on tangible resources such as teacher numbers, funding and subject choice, they are penetrating the very soul of the school - the ethos of the school, its pastoral care endeavours, the holistic nature of the education delivered.
Staff cutbacks and the unavailability of new positions have sent many IT professionals looking for new career options.
Workers will be traveling from Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH; West Virginia; and Virginia to present the resolution stating that since CNG is negotiating with unions from three of its subsidiaries, Peoples Natural Gas, East Ohio Gas and Virginia Natural Gas, and since the company is proposing huge cutbacks in retiree health care in all three negotiations, that Davidson meet with representatives of the three unions at a common meeting to discuss retiree health care.
Not only did the cutbacks leave some children without a ride to school, they also left some people (bus drivers) without work.
THE new head of a teaching union yesterday vowed to fight education cutbacks during his time in office.
Fitch's downgrade also reflects increasingly difficult conditions for the automotive supplier universe, including production cutbacks, which will likely accelerate Visteon's negative cash flow in 2005.
Placards slamming the cutbacks were held up by delegates while some walked out as Mr O'Keeffe began to speak.
Job cutbacks totaled 46,380 in August compared to 19,146 in July.
The Outlook revision reflects the effect of further production cutbacks on Ford's consolidated operating results, continuing price competition in key market segments, shifting consumer buying patterns away from mid-size and large SUVs (which have comprised a significant component of Ford's automotive profitability) and cost pressures.
Molly McNiffe helped her mum Aisling hand over 500 teddy bears as part of Campaign Against Cutbacks at Crumlin Children's Hospital.