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Synonyms for cutback

Synonyms for cutback

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a reduction in quantity or rate

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While the news on the cutback extension may boost oil prices in the short term, however it is unlikely to go above $55 in the medium term as flexible Shale producers have become the main determinant of the marginal prices of oil.
The cutbacks are unsustainable, the fire service is being hammered from all angles.
In other cutback news, the newspaper formerly known as Women's Wear Daily said earlier this month that it would curtail print publication of WWD to once a week but continue to update its web site, WWD.
If just a fraction of this money was available to some of the services crippled by cutbacks, then the country would be in a far better position.
The challenge is to manufacture a cutback reliably and maximize adhesion between the factory-applied pipe coating and the thermal insulation field joint coating system to be applied either on land in a "spoolbase" or offshore on a vessel.
While it's important for local authorities to work smarter and harder to make funds go further, there also comes a point when cash cutbacks have a major impact on the public services.
Justice Minister Alan Shatter needs to urgently rethink the cutbacks to avoid a major gangland crisis.
Serco, which employs 100,000 people and also runs the bike hire scheme in London and transports prisoners in parts of the UK, said its divisions in the UK and US were facing "challenging conditions" in the face of central and local government cutbacks.
uk, performed the survey and collected results of 2,000 people across Britain finding that 69% think that the Government are hiding the true extent of the planned cutbacks and 84% are very worried about the cuts planned.
I don't know yet what the cutbacks will entail and this will be decided at our board meeting on Friday week, but we have already completely stopped racecourse development.
It has blamed Ministry of Defence cutbacks, which affected its internet-based systems, for the restructuring.
There have been cutbacks after cutbacks and now we hear the caterers are facing the chop in the New Year.
will suspend operations at the two factories simultaneously because of production cutbacks, it said.
In nearly 10 years at Editor & Publisher, I have covered cutbacks, buyouts, and layoffs at dozens of papers, big and small, good and bad, corporate and family-owned.
The cutbacks will reduce slaughter by approximately 15,000 head per week, and affect operations at its Liberal and Dodge City, Kan.