cutaway drawing

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a representation (drawing or model) of something in which the outside is omitted to reveal the inner parts

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The finely detailed cutaway drawings are enough to keep any armchair engineer entertained for hours.
The illustrations are clear and concise and will aid in determining models and cutaway drawings will aid in understanding how parts such as the set triggers of the 1927 International Target rifle worked.
The text is accompanied throughout by b&w illustrations, including detailed cutaway drawings of the Leopard by John McKay.
Meanwhile, the quality of its colour printing and features such as its cutaway drawings of aircraft, ships and locomotives put more humble comics to shame.
Pertinent Data: The brochure has full descriptions of horizontal carousel features and options including cutaway drawings.
SolidWorks' intuitive interface enables domo engineers to spend more time on innovation because they can quickly present a few design options in 3D format, complete with cutaway drawings and exploded views.