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a representation (drawing or model) of something in which the outside is omitted to reveal the inner parts

a man's coat cut diagonally from the waist to the back of the knees

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The cutaway car has been previously showcased at world renowned motor shows.
Diane's embellished, silver-trimmed dress is the work of Prada, the cutaways at the side and cape giving a modern spin on a traditional gown shape.
Follow the celebrity trend and step out in a cutaway swimsuit.
They are narrowing the track and putting the stalls on the stands' side, and they will have a cutaway two furlongs out.
The history of the cutaway spans several cultural registers.
We're especially grateful to Russ Wadzinski, the general manager at Tomahawk, who offered us the skid steer cutaway.
Orange cutaway swimsuit, priced pounds 32 A classic look gets a seductive new treatment for 2010, priced pounds 28 A glittering look for time by the pool or on the beach, with a silver outfit from ASOS, left, pounds 24; a floral version of the bikini, centre, pounds 24; and a cool black cutaway all-in-one, pounds 32
But the audience found it charming, the cutaway train set was effective and the embarrassingly clumsy slapstick first act humour did improve after the interval.
port and unique cutaway ball, which allow for cleaning solutions to flow through the cavity of the body and ball, thoroughly cleaning the valve without removing it from service.
Under the plans water from Lough Ree would be pumped to cutaway bogs in Rockfortbridge, Co Westmeath to be stored.
Informative cutaway illustrations show how the separators actually work.
The cutaway section has a profile formed by straight line segments joined by a blending radius.
port and unique cutaway ball, which allow for cleaning solution to flow through the cavity of the body and ball, cleaning the valve without removing it from service.
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Any collection strong in woodworking, music or crafts titles will welcome this guide, which shows how to make a steel-stringed OM cutaway model guitar with 14 frets.