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a representation (drawing or model) of something in which the outside is omitted to reveal the inner parts

a man's coat cut diagonally from the waist to the back of the knees

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The all-new Ford Transit cutaway offers customers additional options for lighter-weight chassis in Class C motorhomes a segment where Ford is already a popular choice.
Diane's embellished, silver-trimmed dress is the work of Prada, the cutaways at the side and cape giving a modern spin on a traditional gown shape.
Follow the celebrity trend and step out in a cutaway swimsuit.
They are narrowing the track and putting the stalls on the stands' side, and they will have a cutaway two furlongs out.
The front SumoSprings (P/N SSF-106) fit any E-350 or E-450 Cutaway chassis built from 1996 to present.
We're especially grateful to Russ Wadzinski, the general manager at Tomahawk, who offered us the skid steer cutaway.
If you have good shoulders, you could bare your back in a halter-neck, keyhole or cutaway style neckline, or opt for more of a cover-up with a pretty and very feminine off-the-shoulder number.
Cutaway walls and examples of virtually all common building techniques provide trainees with a first-hand knowledge of what they could expect to find in homes across the country.
Archaeologists plan to create a permanent cutaway of the original foundation at Campo de Cahuenga and etch its extension onto Lankershim Boulevard.
A clingy, midcalf cutaway tube dress with safety pins and chains which once adorned Janet's ungainly figure.
Baseball" is the only video baseball game available which has cutaway scenes.
Having spent years watching our action heroes get into and out of these horrible, life- threatening situations, it made us wonder what regular folk could do in those situations if we didn't have the benefit of stunt people and trick photography and cutaway shots.
From a tutorial on lubrication manufacturing to a cutaway of an EGR engine, the Delo Truck provides displays and interactive demonstrations that educate the public on the history and value of Delo products.
The Garuda Wisnu Kencana is located atop a mountain, where the remains of a massive limestone quarry cutaway provide the walls, which constitute the perimeter of this open-air venue.
23) regarding the cutaway from the Jets-Bills pro football game to more Clinton coverage.