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infestation of the body by the larvae of flies (usually through a wound or other opening) or any disease resulting from such infestation

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The study group constituted patients presenting with cutaneous myiasis and admitted between May 2009 and April 2013 to the MHC, which comprises Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital (NMAH) and Umtata General Hospital (UGH).
In total, 25 cases (14 men and 11 women) of cutaneous myiasis were recorded.
Human cutaneous myiasis may be more widespread in the Eastern Cape than previously reported (Fig.
3] Results suggest that debilitating diseases, especially in advanced age (the elderly being prone to infection, cancer and diabetes), predispose to cutaneous myiasis.
Ultrasonographic images of the lesion showed an area of spontaneous movement just below the skin, suggestive of cutaneous myiasis (online Video, wwwnc.
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