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any of several infections of the skin or mucous membrane caused by Blastomyces

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Diagnosis of skin lesions in the cutaneous blastomycosis is challenging and requires a high index of suspicion.
Even in the absence of a prior documented pulmonary infection, cutaneous blastomycosis is assumed to be secondary to dissemination from the lung, unless a documentable direct skin exposure or trauma is present.
Primary cutaneous blastomycosis (PCB) is a rare fungal infection that is caused by direct skin inoculation of Blastomyces dermatitides with trauma.
Extensive verrucous sporotrichosis of long duration: report of a case resembling cutaneous blastomycosis.
The other skin lesions constituted distinct cutaneous blastomycosis, not associated with any contiguous bone or joint disease, and dermatologic manifestations were noted in all regions of the body: head and neck, 14 (27%) lesions; lower extremity, 9 (17%) lesions; thorax, 9 (17%) lesions; foot, 6 (11.
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