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relating to or existing on or affecting the skin

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The 1999-2008 annual age-adjusted incidence rates per 100,000 of cutaneous melanoma of non-Hispanic whites (both men and women) for each state were obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wonder database.
8) The rarity of the lesion and its varied presentation has caused cutaneous metastases of this type to be misdiagnosed as epidermal inclusion cysts, pyogenic granulomas, hemangiomas, herpes zoster, and cellulitis.
Cutaneous tuberculosis was observed nearly as frequently as leishmaniasis in this series, accounting for 25% of the cutaneous infectious diseases diagnosed and 6% of the total cases diagnosed.
The recent surge in cases saw 1,335 patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis treated from January to March 2013, according to the FATA Directorate of Health, an increase of over 270 cases compared to the same period last year.
The lesion was refractory to oral antibiotics and he had undergone excision biopsy of the cutaneous sinus followed by a Z-plasty scar revision.
Nearly 70%, or 1,810 of the 2,597 migraineurs who completed the digital depression questionnaire, reported cutaneous allodynia during their migraine attacks.
The standardized incidence rate of Hospitalization for severe cutaneous adverse reactions was 0.
bcl-2 protein expression in primary cutaneous large B-cell lymphoma is site-related.
Michal M, Bisceglia M, Mattia DA et al: Gigantic cutaneous horns of the scalp.
6] Cutaneous metastases are rare (3% to 6% of cases) and scalp metastases are extremely uncommon.
However, the diagnosis of cutaneous zygomycosis, though easy as the infection occurs in exposed part of the body, is frequently either missed or delayed due to lack of awareness and absence of any underlying illness in nearly 50 per cent of patients.
The incidence of cutaneous melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, tripled over the last 30 years in the United States.
Primary cutaneous large B-cell lymphomas (leg type) (PCBLS) are diffuse large cell B-cell lymphomas with predominance or confluent sheets of centroblasts and immunoblasts.