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Unlike artist collages which remained as singular artworks or the Dadaist cut-ups which were transcribed into cohesive text, these visual cut-ups were created with the use of a photocopier, whereby the collage components were likely copied from their sources, and created to be copied.
4) He threw himself obsessively into cut-up experiments in various media and Scientology.
For the first time, Burroughs scholars now have access to the manuscript and publishing history of Burroughs's cut-up trilogy without having to consult many different archives and manuscripts.
For Burroughs, the rewriting of history was both a creative strategy and a biographical temptation--"Few things in my own past I'd just as soon forget," as his narrator puts it in The Ticket That Exploded--and his attempt to erase Scientology from the origins of his cut-up project is a reminder that for many years he infamously dismissed as "absurd" the true circumstances in which he shot and killed his wife, Joan Vollmer, in 1951.
MD: In terms of Burroughs and cut-ups and your use of insert shots, do you ever imagine pushing that farther?
So it puts a lot of strain on the coaching staff as well, being relatively late compared to other teams on free agency, the draft, self-evaluation, going through our (film) cut-ups and so forth,'' Belichick said prior to the Super Bowl.
In many ways, Can't and Won't is like a set of William Burroughs cut-ups, random moments juxtaposed, one against the other, until reality takes on the logic of a collage.
Cut-ups are available for an extra charge, and giblets can also be harvested and packaged as well.
The argument of this major retrospective at Pallant House is that the technique of collage unifies Paolozzi's work across all his chosen media--from the scissorwork of his childhood scrapbooks to his mature screenprints, from sculptures cast in bronze or welded together from ready-made machine parts, to textual cut-ups, ceramics, textiles, and large-scale works of public commission.
30pm) Next we have Bristol's rising star making his debut with his unique style of cut-ups and bootlegs.
This new species of tech-no owes a debt to the cut-ups of Brion Gysin and William S.
and thumb; collage and cut-ups can only mean one thing: what we're
She is as likely to try on such techniques of the avant-garde as cut-ups (e.