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MD: In terms of Burroughs and cut-ups and your use of insert shots, do you ever imagine pushing that farther?
Burroughs continued his unconventional style by using a technique called cut-ups in subsequent books, including The Soft Machine (1961), The Ticket that Exploded (1962), and Nova Express (1964).
since "Varekai" in 2003, we are treated to the company's now signature assortment of fliers, benders and cut-ups.
When we were coming up, we had to slice the 16mm film together in the darkroom and it was difficult to put cut-ups together.
Products now available from Attwells under the Freedom Food logo include fresh-frozen whole birds, breast joints and cut-ups, together with the company's premium bronze free range birds.
Attwells also supplies Freedom Food whole birds, breast joints and cut-ups.
And that chaos is what 99 Cents also delivers to your ears -trashy, post-feminist robotic beats and vocal cut-ups.
1, cut-ups "The Outlaw" Tommy Smith and Roger Scott has been a favorite in Little Rock, although ratings have fallen off in the capital city as well.
This valuable new study concludes with an examination of Burroughs's collaborations with the British film director Antony Balch, his cut-ups, and his sound recordings.
And for weeks after, kids - boys and girls, teachers' pets and class cut-ups - hurled the epithet Charly Gordon as an all-purpose invective.
These 'hairialists' perform a combination of choreography and cut-ups including spinning, hanging from hoops, and rolling down wrapped silks, all while being suspended 35 feet in the air by their hair alone,'' the website says.
Westhead spent time last week watching various rebounding situations with Alleyne, which happened to include some cut-ups from the Cal game.
In speaking with NFL management, staff and coaches we understand the importance of providing both an easy to use and highly secure system for teams to distribute content materials like Playbooks, Video cut-ups and Scouting information on mobile devices," said Tom J.