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That we are," and "Long live Norman of Torn," and "Here's to the chief of the Torns" signified the ready assent of the burly cut-throats.
As Norman of Torn approached his grim castle home with his five filthy ragged cut-throats on the day of his first meeting with them, the old man of Torn stood watching the little party from one of the small towers of the barbican.
With at least fifty of their number flying through the black jungle, and without the slightest knowledge of when their uncanny foemen might resume the cold-blooded slaughter they had commenced, it was a desperate band of cut-throats that waited sleeplessly for the dawn.
We find as well much that is of keen historical interest, and we gain some idea of the undaunted courage of the author when we remember that the first numbers of the Review at least were penned in a loathsome prison where highwaymen, pirates, cut-throats, and common thieves were his chief companions.
These are two cut-throats from London, who have come down here to destroy his Majesty's population, thinking that at this distance from the capital, the arm of the law is weak and paralysed.
Ukrainians out of the tournament by winning a cut-throat Group 4.
IT'S the biggest cut-throat butchery since Sweeney Todd was an apprentice butcher.
When his firm hires salesman Jamie (Brendan Fraser), Ted takes pity on the new arrival who clearly lacks the intelligence and charisma to survive in such a cut-throat world.
A survey of business bosses found that speaking with a strong local accent put people at a big disadvantage in the cut-throat world of business.
THE crisis in Russia, along with Germany's cut-throat chocolate market, has put a dent in first-half profits at Cadbury Schweppes.
Underneath lurks a steely determination which stops at nothing, and is remarkable even in the cut-throat world of politics.
When that information is relayed to the other retailer through the supplier, it may potentially be used as a price-fixing instrument between the two retailers to avoid cut-throat competition.
Mr Harvey said the home entertainment and computer market was dire with profit margins the slimmest he had seen because of cut-throat competition.
HALEY GRAHAM (Missy Peregrym) is a rebel in the cut-throat world of school gymnastics.
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 3, 1997--Extending its expertise in developing and installing SS7 network-monitoring systems for wireline networks, Hewlett-Packard Company today announces it has delivered its HP acceSS7 system to leading wireless service providers to help them improve network reliability in their effort to gain a competitive advantage in today's cut-throat mobile-telecommunications business environment.