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(broadcasting) a local announcement inserted into a network program

(film) a still picture that is introduced and that interrupts the action of a film

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The "Following Distance Alert" and "Close Cut-In Alert" are always on, even if the cruise control is turned off.
Rich Newberg spent 19 1/2 straight hours covering the DeJac story, from morning live cut-ins at the Erie County Holding Center, to reports for all newscasts throughout the day and night.
The grocer's "shelf" is where new items, out-of-stocks, product rotation, picture-perfect packages, resets, cut-ins, scan-based trading, demand pricing, speed to market and CPG retail coverage come together in a symphony of broken practices.
Bruce Cerveny, senior staff engineer, Anadarko Energy, said, "The main reason I chose to work with an internal, fitting-type system (on this project) is that you can go back to the pipeline and do cut-ins and tie-ins where you need to do them.
Douglass, who appears on the morning show Tuesdays through Fridays and does weather cut-ins during Saturday's national "Today Show," has also been busy working with counterpart Ron Sherman doing commercials in such regional markets as Atlanta and Dallas.
As a night announcer, Hille was required to do the station breaks, news cut-ins and commercials.
Single gun SRV 029: Designed for cut-ins, it outperforms other guns in difficult-to-reach areas.
It would not only involve maybe cut-ins but participation of the longer duration, half-hour or hour-long programs--something to distinguish us from what's out there now.
PHILADELPHIA -- This football season,Xfinity TV is bringing football fans the best viewing experience of live NFL and college football games, including live games across screens; every touchdown and the most exciting moments as they happen from every Sunday afternoon NFL game via NFL RedZone; live game cut-ins and scoring highlights from top college games on ESPN Goal Line; plus Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN and games on NFL Network.
A group of female representatives of the American Red Cross was seen in each of the studios, as live coverage featured cut-ins from Mexican soccer legends and the unlikely appearance of such well-known commentators as ESPN Deportes' Jorge Ramos (not to be confused with Univision's famed news anchor of the same name).
The show is produced in Toronto, but Hopley and Shannon recently spent a couple of days at the Nick on Sunset studios in Hollywood, shooting cut-ins for the network's "Mr.
Local newscasts will provide generous election coverage, with regular cut-ins during prime-time network coverage of the presidential race.
Because of this, there was a need for someone to handle what I refer to as 'retail detail'--new item cut-ins, planogram maintenance, installations, signage placement.
Merchandising services, which include new item cut-ins, point-of-purchase placement, regular coverage, category resets and display building.