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glass decorated by cutting or grinding facets

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Takehiro commented, "An element of the exhibition is to explore how cut-glass technology introduced by a British craftsman has been successfully used as an expression of Japanese culture.
US starlet Selena Gomez, below, has revealed the inspiration for her cut-glass English accent in her latest film Monte Carlo - new mother Victoria Beckham.
Below, the acid-etched ice plate and left, a cut-glass celery vase, regularly seen on the tables of the wealthy
The new packaging for Herradura Tequila includes all brand expressions with a key design element featuring a new angular, square cut-glass bottle.
Using heritage pieces such as black and white photos in aged gold frames, ornate candle votives and cut-glass vases can bring an authentic old-fashioned feel to your living space.
Steve Davies, regional managing director of Mansell, presented a cut-glass bowl to the winning stable.
John Humphrys poses the questions to the contestants, one of whom will succeed David Clark as champion and receive the cut-glass trophy.
He also needs a cut-glass, upper-class, posh accent - or at least the ability to produce a very convincing one.
A close second on my list are the cut-glass sounds of actors in ancient British films, like Phyllis Calvert and Celia Johnson
Pam, who works in the fashion department of the society's store in Nuneaton, was named Society Employee of the Year and received a cut-glass trophy and vouchers to the value of pounds 1,000.
Howard, who is retiring at the end of this season after 33 years in the College Road hot seat, was presented with a cut-glass dish by the Cumbrian club to mark his long-service to football.
It was not until the introduction of sharply angled neoclassical 'mitred' motifs from about 1760, and steam-driven cutting wheels some thirty years later, that the fiery qualities of English lead-crystal were realised in the Regency style of cut-glass that remains its epitome.
35 of Time (July 8, 2002): "All the President needs is a solar toupee and a cut-glass English accent.
The group was ushered into a fantastically designed ballroom, where crystal glassware glittered against delicately embroidered silver tablecloths and graceful calla lilies floated in twinkling cut-glass vases.
What's more, the cut-glass front desk is 100 percent recycled, there's a stand of oxygenating palms in the atrium lobby, the bedding is organic cotton and the paint is volatile organic compound-free.