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a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat

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A leading provider of advanced wafer probe cards, FormFactor has designed its latest product for reduced time to production, enabling customers to cut time to test and improve throughput using FormFactor's proven technology.
Developers attracted to the Santa Clarita Valley say they strive these days to make sure that along with housing, they bring shopping, jobs and entertainment - a goal designed to cut time on the freeway and improve the quality of life.
Installed in IBM demo centers across North America and Europe, Avistar's video solutions build confidence in the quality of communications, foster flexibility and responsiveness and cut time and travel costs -- all of critical importance to quick, quality decision-making in the financial services sector.
But because she registered the cut time in the Senior Nationals' time trials and not a preliminary or final heat, Jones found out she would not be able to participate on the national team.
Farrell, who will be a junior at Alemany in the fall, is also going for her Olympic cut time in the 100-meter backstroke.
Streamlines process to cut time and cost -- Saves costs by eliminating the manual gathering of data, and bundling of multiple documents for delivery via any channel.
The fast Rancho Simi Pool, in concert with the higher level of competition, should push her to register her best times of the year - possibly a Senior Nationals cut time.
During several Productstream implementations for customers, our application engineers recognized the need for a tool that helps all departments be more responsive to product design and maintenance issues, and cut time spent on cumbersome tasks.
While most of his teammates don't think much about goals for swimming, McClure is set on placing among the top eight or 18 at the section finals this year and make a Junior Nationals cut time.
We understand the pressure to cut time to market and to move toward enhancing the ownership experience over the life of the car.
Whether it is robotics, electrical, mechanical, controls, testing, or application engineering positions to fill, LSS enables competitive business owners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to cut time and expenses without compromising quality or efficiency.
The new targets cut time from the development of complex embedded systems by allowing engineers to automatically generate and utilize code in mass production ECUs rather than manually creating and integrating it.
ICS says the system will cut time waiting for approvals by 75 per cent to just 24 hours.