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a price below the standard price

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Janet Mills, daughter of owner John Mills, said: "My father is at Cheltenham and we thought Cut Rate needed this mile and a half.
Internal lab and field testing have proven that GOLD MaXX wheels have a much better cut rate and life with the added benefit of a smooth grinding action that maximizes productivity and minimizes operator fatigue.
Last month, the monetary committee cut rates by half a per cent to 6.
The superior cut rate of the new Bear-Tex(R) 747 non-woven abrasive hand pad increases operator productivity while generating a fine surface finish.
The mineral makes the wheel cut faster, and the high cut rate is designed to increase efficiency and productivity while leaving a uniform finish.
In-house lab and field tests have proven this new wheel from Norton Abrasives generates the fastest cut rate of all depressed center wheels available today.
The Trihelical pattern performs best at moderate pressures, resulting in a consistent cut rate and long life.
For example, a cut rate for happy mail such as thank-you notes would be well-received and perhaps lead to a general improvement in something that's too often in short supply in this hectic world - civility.
The new reinforced Charger RightCut cut-off wheels are field test proven to provide three times the life and twice the cut rate of standard aluminum oxide wheels.
Global Banking News-December 11, 2015--Indonesian central bank says there is room to cut rates
Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Allahabad Bank have cut rates and joined their counterparts in Mumbai - Union Bank of India and Central Bank - to make auto loans more attractive.
The government and the central bank admit the global crisis could worsen but they are endlessly debating on when and how much to cut rates.
It is the first time the Bank has cut rates by more than half a percentage point since gaining its independence in 1997.
IG Index head of sales trading Tim Hughes said: "There is such a firm expectation among investors that all three central banks (Federal Reserve, BoE and ECB) will act and will cut rates.
HSBC yesterday became the latest lender to cut rates following a drop in wholesale funding costs.