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a price below the standard price

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Coun Stephen Lambert, deputy cabinet member for community safety and regulation at Newcastle City Council, said: "The city council does not support the sale of poor quality cut price alcohol, which anyway could lead to binge drinking or alcohol related problems.
The cut price offer is a result of a partnership between the Council and Leeds-based company Blackwall Ltd.
It will be a while before the shop opens but I will be offering cut price services.
But Asda hit back with a promotion offering cut price sunglasses in 200 stores.
A European Court ruling last July makes it illegal for retailers to bring in cut price gear from abroad -- although some of them have ignored the decision.
Manchester United and Arsenal have been told by Veron's representatives he is available at a cut price pounds 25m fee.
6 The boss of energy giant SSE was branded Scrooge for failing to cut prices despite a surge in its profits.
Morrisons said it would cut prices on 1,200 products in a bid to win back customers lost to discount rivals such as Aldi and Lidl.
Yulon Nissan is the first local automaker to cut prices, following many importers.
Brands may be under the false impression that once the recession is over they will no longer have to cut prices.
4 billion, said it had tried to offload some of the pubs before but had now cut prices to try and spark interest in the sites.
are facing mounting pressure to cut prices after sales of the motion-sensing Wii fell for the first time and PlayStation 3 shipments tumbled to a two-year low.
Major Japanese oil refiners lowered their wholesale gasoline prices Monday, prompting many service stations across the country to cut prices at the pump.
Aswaaq eyes direct imports to cut prices will also implement a price transparency policy to ensure customers are informed," he said.