cut out

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Synonyms for cut out

form and create by cutting out

cut off and stop


Related Words

strike or cancel by or as if by rubbing or crossing out

cease operating

having been cut out

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Satin Tee EUR13, Slinky Fashion Trs EUR17, PU Clutch EUR8, Lace Up Cut Outs EUR21
For the base of the boat cut out a semi-circle shape and stick this onto the sea.
1) Spread newspaper out on your workspace, and cover the wooden crate with a coat or two of paint as needed Let dry completely 2) Flip through the magazines, and cut out images of your friend's favorite musicians 3) Using a clean paintbrush, apply the magazine cut-outs to the crate with decoupage glue When dry, go over the entire surface with a coat of decoupage Let dry.
COVENTRY mum Colleen Muldoon-Taylor explores the problem of bullying in her new BBC radio drama Cut Out.
Bruno Art Gallery's latest exhibition ' 1+ 1= 3' has the painstakingly beautiful work of American artist Charles Fazzino and the more familiar multilayered metal cut outs of Israeli artist David Gerstein on display.
The Hand Hold Cut Outs Shall Fold, Reinforcing And Locking The Box At The Front And Rear Of The Box
Housekeeper is a lightshade with things hanging from it, while Territory Formula features flowered wallpaper and cut outs of women from magazines.