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Nevertheless, we were surprised to find that the texture and flavour of the steak is excellent, and at PS10 per serving it is a really accessible cut of beef which is particularly good when seared on our wood-burning grill.
It's a perfect cut of beef," the legendary chef said.
Perhaps the crowning glory of Austrian cuisine is the mighty Tafelspitz, an entire tableful of dishes based around a tender cut of beef, gently poached, and served with an array of specific accompaniments.
If you get a nice lean cut of beef you're not going to be piling on the pounds - unless you eat it every day, which I wouldn't recommend.
Sounds like you'd have to hunt for hours to find a cut of beef that isn't lean.
A cut of beef that I don't see that often is the New York cut.
Here, they are a tad softer than al dente, tossed in a good pesto sauce and paired with a thin cut of beef, relatively tasty and a bit chewy, more medium than medium rare.
Then Germany permitted an actual cut of beef to be shown in Cologne - so long as measures were taken to ensure that it didn't reach a single German consumer.
Customers who aren't satisfied will receive a refund and a free replacement cut of beef.
Over 450 color photos of every cut of beef accompany step-by-step directions for cutting, holding discussions of the best beef-cutting tools and cooking methods.
On meat-labelling EU legislation establishes requirements allowing customers to know which EU member a cut of beef comes from.
Manhattan Deli-Arts Great Lost Pastrami is made exclusively from navel plate, the traditional cut of beef that provides pastrami with its essential tenderness and texture.
Steakhouse Choice is a remarkably tender and juicy cut of beef that's not only USDA Choice Angus Beef, but has also passed the high customer-satisfaction standards established by Albertsons.
So here's a similar gamble: That steak lovers will eventually come in droves to partake of that great cut of beef known as a porterhouse at $31.