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do something the cheapest or easiest way

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Pei also said that the analysis on how OnePlus could've cut corners has been going on since the OnePlus One.
Saturday night will see the well-acclaimed We Cut Corners take to the stage in the Main Venue known for their short songs on drums, guitar and harmony rich rock and pop.
George Canellos, co-director of the SEC's enforcement division said: "In its rush to meet a deadline set by the seller of these loans, RBS cut corners and failed to complete adequate due diligence, with predictable results.
In order to steal a march on bloggers and tweeters, they might be tempted to cut corners, to break or at least bend the law to obtain information for stories or to infringe privacy improperly to the same end," he said.
Mr Sekhon added: "Landlords have legal obligations, such as gas certificates and EPCs, but some think they can cut corners with references.
The institute's chief executive Rob Strange said: "What worries us is that hard-pressed managers looking to meet targets on savings will cut corners.
You can cut corners for whitetails on almost any property you hunt.
Vague rules, the lack of enforcement and the prospect of more money will always provide a temptation for some people to take chances or cut corners.
Here are a few of the ways you may be tempted to cut corners, as well as the consequences, but keep in mind that this list doesn't cover every situation.
When a developer is under pressure, they tend to cut corners and their subcontractors tend to cut corners," Breitkopf said.
For Liverpool to try to cut corners and produce something that did not demonstrate the city's ambition and drive would have been to waste this opportunity, and could potentially have left us open to ridicule.
Unfortunately, the Bush administration and some in the current Congress have decided to leave Head Start twisting in the breeze, forcing us to scrimp, cut corners, and now eliminate slots for thousands of America's most at-risk youths," said the group's board chairman, Ron Herndon.
The supermarket chain make hugeprofits every year, so they have no excuse to cut corners.
When states do try to cut corners by holding down some more visible direct costs, less obvious indirect costs balloon--as has occurred following government price controls for countless centuries.
This will mean that staff will have to cut corners at the expense of customer services.