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Cut Back California seeks to increase grid reliability by shifting electric use from peak periods to off-peak hours and encourages energy conservation efforts through monetary rewards for curtailment during electricity shortfalls.
It was also a rampant grower and would need to be cut back continually to keep it separated from shrubs and tree trunks in its vicinity.
Cut back tall shrubs such as buddleia and lavatera if necessary
However, since hydrangeas - like all woody perennials - should now have gone into hibernation for the winter, it would cause them no damage to be cut back now.
Taubes argues that in the late 1970s, health authorities started telling Americans to cut back on fat, and that we did.
If thebudget crisis forces military cuts, then America must also cut back on its commitments to use military force as an instrument of its foreign policy.
PEOPLE are planning to cut back on everyday spending so they can save up for a summer holiday.
Axa's big money index found that 58 per cent of people said they will not cut back on festive spending this year.
Hys drangeas and roses should be cut back now to help produce an abundance of flowers this summer.
I will probably cut back on the number of chocolates and little things like that.
The survey also found that drivers over 55 were most likely to have made a conscious decision to travel less by car because of rising fuel costs and by contrast younger drivers were most likely to have cut back on other areas.
We encourage all of our members to look at demand response programs, such as Cut Back California, to reduce their energy costs and improve the reliability of the grid.
ESSENTIAL council services could be cut back even further unless funding increases, a North Wales authority fears.
Flowers are produced on shoot terminals which means that to keep plants densely flowering, they should be cut back on a regular basis, at any time, by one-third to one-half or more.