cut away

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move quickly to another scene or focus when filming

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remove by cutting off or away

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With this idea in view I circled the great wall, keeping within the fringe of the forest, which is cut away for a short distance from the wall all about the city, that no enemy may utilize the trees as a means of ingress.
Top and tail the pineapple, then cut away the skin around the outside.
The third of its three main parachutes was cut away early in the test to simulate a failure.
Though Smith shouted, "Get off, get off, get off, get off it" to his show's technicians, the network control room failed to cut away in time, showing viewers the man falling face down on the grass.
Longmuir was halfway through answering a question at the press conference when Sky cut away to a London court to announce that Chelsea captain John Terry's had been acquitted of racially abusing QPR's Anton Ferdinand.
But, despite the efforts of the fire crews to cut away the fence to release it, vets had to make the decision to put the animal to sleep because its injuries couldn't be repaired.
Unlike other systems that utilize moving blades to cut away remaining material or rely on workers to cut away excess materials with utility knives, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler simply unwinds remaining materials onto a coreless shaft, separating a perfectly good core from the roll without risk to the workers or damage to the core.
He proceeded to cut away at the bark with furious intent.
Fire-fighters cut away the roof of the car to free her but a West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said she was not badly hurt and was taken to Good Hope Hospital for treatment.
Made from 100% recycled material and featuring an eye-catching cut away front cover, this engaging book for very young children has messages and information suitable for all ages.
Fire crews had to cut away the ducting and insulation and then remove some of the roof timbers to be sure the fire was fully extinguished.
Always cut away green spots to avoid consuming too much GA.
Friends said one victim had to have his T-shirt cut away after being stabbed in the back, while another suffered head injuries and a third was stabbed in the stomach.
The parts of the drawing that were blacked out would not be cut away on the linoleum, they would be raised and receive the ink, thus printing the color of ink that was used.
Firefighters from Caerphilly had to cut away metal which held in place the Smart car's glass roof.