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an association of nations to promote free trade within the union and set common tariffs for nations that are not members

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Kyrgyzstan needs $377 million for implementation of the road map for entry into the Customs Union, Economy Minister Temir Sariyev said at the meeting with local government officials and community members on June 18 in Naryn town.
Consequently, the EU is ready to continue its dialogue with Armenia despite its decision to join the Customs Union.
The goal of the campaign is to provide accurate information about entry of Kyrgyzstan into the Customs Union and to avoid wrong interpretation of this process.
I don't think that European market will be closed for these raw materials with our accession to the Customs Union.
Originally a Plaid Cymru motion calling for the UK to have continued membership of the current EU Customs Union, it was amended by Labour to reflect Jeremy Corbyn's change of policy this week to support the creation of a new customs union rather than the existing one.
The shadow Brexit secretary warned it was now "crunch time" for Theresa May over her approach to the customs union, and said it would be "better" to reach "bold" new trade agreements by working with the EU.
He continued: "The customs arrangements at the moment are hardwired into the membership treaty, so I think everybody now recognises there's going to have to be a new treaty - it will do the work of the customs union.
Sir Keir said Labour had long championed being in a customs union with the EU and the benefits.
The extent of any British post-Brexit involvement in the EU's customs union -- which binds members into a trade bloc with common external tariffs -- has become an issue of contention inside May's government and her Conservative Party.
Further, all major business groups in Scotland such as the CBI; Chambers of Commerce; Federation Of Small Businesses are in favour of remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union.
PHILIP Hammond has left the door open to staying in a long-term customs union with the EU after Brexit.
President of Kazakhstan has ratified the agreement between the Customs Union members on elimination of technical barriers in mutual trade with the Commonwealth of Independent States members.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The customs union agreement is one of the rare agreements that have been signed over the last two decades of Turkey-European Union relations.
Global Banking News-July 3, 2014--Russian central bank planning for united payment system for customs union
Riyadh, Jumada I 8, 1435, Mar 9, 2014, SPA -- The Customs Union Organization of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab States held its 6th meeting at the GCC headquarters here today.