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make to specifications

make according to requirements

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In his 2003 book Software: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle, author Matthew Symonds shows the Oracle founder trying as early as 1999 to persuade businesses that they could get 80 percent of the value of technology by using it as it came instead of customizing it--this despite the fact that customization put money in Oracle's pockets.
We got to a point where we could continue customizing our products without any technology, but we had to ask ourselves if we could afford to do that," he says.
Competitive advantage does not come from mass customizing any particular product or service.
Nsite is a leading software-as-a-service company that provides customers and partners with a breakthrough AJAX-enabled On Demand platform for customizing and building applications faster than ever before.
Now configuring and customizing an ISC cable assembly takes only a few mouse clicks.
By customizing Upshot to meet Omneon's unique requirements, we were able to ensure that their sales and support teams adopted Upshot rapidly because it works the way they do.
Themes make customizing the whole site or particular sections easy.
provides infrastructure software that improves the quality of an organization's communications with customers, suppliers, partners and employees by capturing information from critical data sources and applications, customizing that information for the specific needs of those varied audiences, and delivering and exchanging that information over a global network of digital destinations and formats.
Customizing test suites for SCSI and Fibre Channel testers, creating test suites for error detection on a SAN, and providing microprogramming capabilities for customizing Fibre Channel frames are just a few of the ways Professional Services can meet client needs.
Our Call Management Suite remedies this situation by customizing local call handling, accessing valuable customer information from every remote location, and monitoring and reporting on branch office calls.
Business Objects (Nasdaq:BOBJ), the world's leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced an updated version of BusinessObjects(TM) Developer Suite, its development toolkit for customizing, integrating, and extending the Business Objects BI platform.
The company faced the following challenges: aggregating multi-source, multi-format supplier product data into a coherent master catalog; managing and customizing catalogs for multiple merchants; getting rich product information "to market" faster; and meeting business goals without making massive IT investments.
Bowstreet's parametric automation system makes customizing and proliferating portals a point-and-click proposition.
Hypercom's HDT software reduces the cost and time required for customizing the software applications supported on the ICE family of products (ICE 5000, ICE 5500, ICE 4000 and ICE 6500).
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