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make to specifications

make according to requirements

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Once the models are created, business people can customize them for many different audiences, adapt them for new uses, embed them in other applications, and update them with new functionality, simply by changing the models' parameters.
For nearly two years, dot com entrepreneurs have been making deals with Spectral Communications for streaming entertainment video news packages, which it customizes and produces for its Web-based clients.
This year's new Smart Interview System features a new Interview Navigator that automatically customizes itself to each user's unique tax return.
SmartTran Author is a high productivity object-oriented authoring tool that rapidly customizes mainframe applications for Web delivery.
The new products allow corporations to start with small projects, achieve quick results and then expand their application development efforts to customize mainframe applications for larger groups of users.
SmartTran Author's integrated authoring environment enables organizations to customize their valuable mainframe information to meet the unique needs of diverse groups of users - employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.
SmartTran Builder is an object assembly toolkit that allows developers to rapidly customize the display, content and navigation of a mainframe application.
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