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make to specifications

make according to requirements

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The site-wide redesign includes significant upgrades from end to end, including the shadow box, ribbon, and medals customizers which the Redstage team built from scratch.
World's Greatest Customizers is a Facebook group for pro-sculptors, artists, pro-customizers, toy designers, collectors and enthusiasts.
For the first time travellers will be able to access Ford's Mustang Customizer and share their Mustang creations for free aboard flights equipped with Gogo's inflight Wi-Fi.
When Eddie Paul, a noted inventor and car customizer, needed to build a mechanical shark for use on a cable television program, one of his materials sources was Sheffield Plastics Inc.
The tire's stylized tread pattern and ultra-performance levels were made to deliver "an attractive package for the customizer," according to Andy Traicoff, director of Dunlop brand marketing in North America.
also produces multi-media training materials, such as KellerSTAR for Training Management, The Keller-Soft Safety Training Customizer, and Forklift Safety.
Three of these utilities are new - System Customizer, Maintenance Wizard and WebUpdate.
The 62H code allows customizers who specialize in vans for disabled motorists and passengers to build those van conversions without being part of Ford's designated customizer program.
Contract notice: 340 - kreisklinik mhldorf - customizer tract ba 2: its, recovery room - op-doors.
com—an online product customizer that leverages 3D gaming technology to deliver an advanced, but easy to use, platform for product customization.
color) Master car customizer George Barris reclines in the jalopy he built for the 1993 movie version of ``The Beverly Hillbillies,'' one of his vehicles being auctioned today at the Petersen Automotive Museum.
Users can also upload any image to the Skinit Customizer, creating a custom Switchplate from personal photographs and designs of their choosing.
Prior Information Notice: 340 - kreisklinik mE-hldorf - customizer tract ba 2: its, recovery room - vob.
com)-- Virtosoftware announces new releases of its two major web parts Virto Ajax Calendar and Virto Alert Customizer which are now fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
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