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made according to the specifications of the buyer

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IN ADDITION TO SERVING THE BEST INTERESTS of clients, CPAs introducing such customized fixed-income portfolios also add value to their firm by broadening the relationship with the client, boosting overall revenue, contributing to stabilizing the firm's revenue profile and increasing the firm's ability to compete.
Through customer feedback, Equity Office identified the opportunity to develop a more streamlined process for new transactions with existing customers, facilitated through a Customized National Lease Form.
In East LA's Hispanic communities in the '50s and '60s, cars were rigged low and customized with paint and expensive details, transforming the mass-produced automobile into a unique expression of luxury and style.
These nimble firms have created new customer experiences and customized value via Customer Relationship Management programs, vibrant e-chat customer communities, and even collaboration with customers in product design and customization through collaboration tools.
Green Beacon Solutions, a leading provider of strategy, consulting and implementation services for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Marketing Automation technologies, today announced the successful launch of a customized CRM solution for DirectNET, enhancing the company's customer service offering and improving internal workflow processes.
It is beside the point whether the product and process technologies and management techniques exist in every industry to mass produce customized goods and services.
Through the Motorola On-Target technology, the viewer experience at IdeaCast's affiliate health clubs can be customized by geography, club chain, club interest group, or on an individual location basis.
The future of customized medicine can only be realized if an inexhaustible source of genetic material can be established and properly banked," said Matt Nicosia, CEO and co-founder of NGI.
Eukanuba to Deliver Customized Nutrition by Breed Type, Size, Health and Performance Needs;
The bank is using Dialogue to provide its customersCofarmers, private residents, businesses, professional services, local authorities, shop owners and tradesmenCowith customized transactional documents that improve their overall experience with the company.
Kelly's Roast Beef, a five-unit fast-casual eatery known for its legendary roast beef, succulent seafood and freshly prepared sandwiches, kicks off the holiday season of eating and entertaining with the introduction of "Kelly's Customized," making it a cinch for anyone planning a party or event to please everyone's palates this holiday season.
COM will launch the NFL Recline and MLB Clubhouse shoes with team logos from all 32 NFL and all 30 MLB teams marking the first time that NFL and MLB licensed footwear can be customized and purchased online.
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