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make to specifications

make according to requirements

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While mass customization will help reduce inventory for the manufacturer and the retailer because the apparel maker is producing garments to order, there are technology costs involved in mass customization that have to be factored into the cost of the garment.
I think the most critical thing is to make sure the supply side and the demand side are tied together in any mass customization project," he says.
Mass customization have been evident in some sectors of the food and drinks industry for decades, but customization is now becoming a more significant trend, driven by an interplay between consumer trends, economic trends and technological innovation.
The Akvelon CRM customization service provides admin training at the Bronze level and both admin and non-admin training at the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.
1 -- color) Alex Umansky, owner of Hard Wired car customization shop, caters to travelers' new demands.
The structural changes required to pull off this foray into industrial design and mass customization could easily have been postponed.
We've designed the Digication Admin Tool to empower management and customization of these learning communities for even greater benefit, while ensuring the enhanced features continue to support any size group or unique application of the software.
Of the IT managers surveyed, around 40% said configuration errors, inadequate documentation, and the customer lacking knowledge of options were the largest risk to increased customization at their companies.
Our first big mass customization experiment was in our paging operation, which we called Bandit.
Tymphany Corporation is the leading provider of innovative, high quality audio transducers and acoustical engineering customization services for manufacturers of both lifestyle consumer electronic products and audiophile-quality, high-end solutions.
13 micron eASICore for the rapid customization of a printer platform, which allows ST to offer fast and easy customization of a printer system controller, as well as image processing personalization, in a standard pre-verified printer-engine architecture.
Mass customization was conceptualized first by Stan Davis, author of "Future Perfect.
Vibe Journal's partner customization options give partners control over branding, community and content distribution.
New customization technologies enable a company to offer both.
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