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a government building where customs are collected and where ships are cleared to enter or leave the country


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Exceeding expectations, the Nangarhar customhouse has earned 1.
Summary: Algeria and Libya intend to open a joint customhouse at the frontier posts of Dabdab and Ghadames with a view to boosting trade between the two countries
The vessel was legged from Customhouse Quay in Greenock Renfrewshire.
At the junction of routes, we turn left down the slope to pass the frontage of Peirsburgh Grange, which has served as a farm, school house, inn and customhouse.
Division Three: White Bear 2 BlackHorse 3,Sandycroft 3 Britannia Inn 6,Bagillt Arms 1 Black Lion Buckley 7,Ewloe Social 5 Victoria Walwen 2,Cross Foxes 2 CustomHouse 3.
The imports have been growing more than 10% every year since 1998, the customhouse said.
Making Houston an official coffee exchange would increase the Port's coffee trade with Mexico and other coffee-producing countries, which would create jobs in coffee roasting, trucking and customhouse brokering here and across the state," the editorial stated.
Customhouse, and Seven World Trade Center--a 47-story office building.
However, the two firms attempted to import the fake products again, so the customhouse launched a full investigation, the sources said.
Exports and imports through Kobe port increased in 2000 for the first time in three years on brisk exports of electronic parts and imports of chemical products, the Kobe Customhouse said Thursday.
Customhouse officers may enter our houses when they please; we are commanded to permit their entry.
According to the Osaka Customhouse, which uncovered the case, the three had sold amphetamines -- for about 15,000 yen per set of 140 tablets of amphetamines mixed with nutrients -- since before the alleged smuggling occurred.
or which shall copy or simulate a trademark registered in accordance with the provisions of this chapter or shall bear a name or mark calculated to induce the public to believe that the article is manufactured in the United States, or that it is manufactured in any foreign country or locality other than the country or locality in which it is in fact manufactured, shall be admitted to entry at any customhouse of the United States.
Graham's first victim, Agnes Hancoch, 70, had collected pensions for her husband and herself and was returning home from shopping when he snatched her bag, containing about pounds 160, in Customhouse Lane, Port Glasgow, on January 27.