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a foreign purchaser who buys goods outright for resale

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Sprint currently employs nearly 300 operators, or customer agents, locally and another 900 in other cities.
Management briefings have been verbal and customer agents have received no information in writing, she said.
Cubic is delivering software, computer networks, communications, high-speed smart card encoding machines, sales terminals for customer agents, parking equipment, bus fareboxes, faregates, and multi-language ticket vending machines that issue smart cards.
Stream has begun recruiting for all levels of employment positions for its Watertown center, including customer agents, group managers and service delivery managers in the operations area.
They can maintain their valuable data systems and create easy-to-use, easy-to-modify applications for their customer agents.
Meanwhile, video calls with customer agents are currently being rolled out to branches as an alternative to over-the-counter interaction.
With seamless Salesforce integration, NewVoiceMedia allows MobileIron's customer agents to have immediate access to a customer or prospect's entire history of interactions enabling premium service.
Tellus, a mobile application enabling you to chat with customer agents at any company, is here to change that.
Trained customer agents will assess the condition of each mobile phone presented and calculate a value based on several criteria.
A new international survey of consumers about their experience with call centres reveals that the British get more cross about customer agents with hard-to-understand accents than being put on hold for up to 10 minutes when they contact a call centre with a problem or query.
Difficult-to-understand customer agents seem to cause greater offence than long waiting times to get through to the agent in the first place.
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