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Customary charge files contain information on provider identifiers, Current Procedural Teminology (CPT) and HCFA Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes and modifiers, types of service, and actual customary fees.
A key component of the legislation is a requirement that appraisers be paid Reasonable and Customary fees for their work.
This leaves consumers with the mistaken impression that they are paying the customary fee for the highest level of service from an appraiser who has substantial experience in performing appraisals in their geographic area when, in fact, the consumer is receiving a much lower level of service - often from appraisers who do not know the local market - in many cases.
Reasonable and customary fees may be a thing of the past, replaced by fixed prices that are in line with market, not insurer, expectations.
The physicians charge no more than their usual and customary fees.
A doctor has gone from having receivables that were paid within 30 days to having them paid in 60 to 90 days, and the discount--the price being paid--is sometimes 40 percent to 60 percent less than what their usual and customary fees are.
The court cautioned that factors such as novelty and difficulty of the issues, the undesirability of the case, the work and ability of counsel, the results obtained and the customary fees and awards in other cases should not be considered in determining whether an upward adjustment of the hourly rate is warranted.
The Company has paid customary fees and costs in connection with a portion of the Offering.
The petition outlines areas where AGA feels the IFR has not properly followed the Dodd-Frank legislative mandate related to the establishment of reasonable and customary fees.
The customary fees do not adequately reflect the recent and significant increase in scope of work.
However, there are other customary fees which are set at the discretion of the title company, and which can vary significantly from company to company.
9 million in mitigation funds as well as other customary fees.
In this case, Afriat - who states clearly that there is nothing motivating him except his earnest opposition to secession - waived his customary fees and is running City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski's antisecession campaign free of charge.
Reasonable and customary fees and expenses of security consultants provided for the exclusion function of responding to a Covered Event