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Synonyms for custody

Synonyms for custody

the function of watching, guarding, or overseeing

the state of being detained by legal authority

Synonyms for custody

a state of being confined (usually for a short time)

holding by the police

(with 'in') guardianship over

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Back in 2013 when the divorce and custody initially happened, this same doctor did a forensic custody evaluation at the time," the insider explained.
Hontiveros has the custody of the three witnesses following her visit to Kian's wake over the weekend.
Currently all tier-one branches and branches affiliated to the Head Office have obtained qualification in custody services, forming a complete nationwide custody service network.
Citi (NYSE: C) has said that it has further expanded its Integrated Custody programme with extended cut-off times for global custody accounts serviced from London, Luxembourg and New York.
Research shows that parents awarded custody are more likely to pay child support and spend money on other kinds of tangible support for their children, such as gifts, groceries, clothing and school supplies.
Rangers spokesman said Tariq Mehboob was taken into custody a few days earlier during a raid for his alleged involvement in criminal activities.
Through most of twentieth-century America, mothers were routinely granted sole custody of children in the event of divorce.
com)-- Capitas' national Police Custody Conference provides a crucial update on best practice in custody in the context of reduced budgets.
PEOPLE had a unique insight behind the bars of Staffordshire Police's busiest custody centre in a live Twitter event.
THE police custody of private detective Anurag Singh, arrested in connection with the attempt to access call details of BJP leader Arun Jaitley, was extended by one day by a Delhi court on Monday.
BOSTON - When courts decide which parent gets custody in a divorce or separation, the emotional stability of the mother and the criminal record - or lack thereof - of the father appear to matter most, researchers reported.
At a minimum, those six begin with three different custody levels: minimum, medium and close.
CUSTODY cells across South Wales have had some special visitors - but they've not committed a crime.
I AM writing regarding your recent report on custody suites, particularly the custody suite at Wrexham.
West Yorkshire Police have submitted a planning application to Kirklees Council to extend and refurbish the custody suite on Albion Street.