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The library in question is the Warburg Institute which, since passing into the University of London's custodianship, has grown to hold more than 350,000 books and continues to enjoy global esteem as a centre of cultural research.
This DVD is recommended for high school through college students, those who, upon our passing, inherit custodianship of our earth.
Jennifer Lord persuades and teaches preachers to be custodians or words in an era when the average person is bombarded with empty words, writing, "For preachers, word choice is an action of custody, or, better, custodianship.
The man attempted to win back custody of his children once they reached 11 and 13 years old, based on the fact that the woman had remarried and had another child, while she attempted to extend custodianship period of her two kids.
According to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry's website, Zebari said during his meeting with his Swedish, Polish and Bulgarian counterparts on Saturday that Iraq's position regarding Syria is based on its national interest, and that Iraq supports people's efforts to claim freedom and democratic rights as long as it's without imposition or custodianship.
Is this a realistic aspiration or a strategy designed to deflect attention from a historical imbalance in the custodianship of cultural property?
They also analyze the functions of regional powers in developing and maintaining regional security orders, arguing that certain states disproportionately influence security within their RSCs due to both their relative capabilities and their unique behaviors with regards to regional leadership (eliciting cooperation or acceptance of shared regional objectives), regional custodianship (engaging in efforts to maintain and/or stabilize the current security order), and regional protection (from actors external to the RSC).
The contract will involve full master custodianship and fund administration services.
The 15% shareholding is still held in custodianship by trust companies.
We have stressed to them the importance of custodianship and that the club will be stronger if it has supporters directly involved in its ownership model.
This prompted the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (Rakia), the government body responsible for the socio-economic growth of the emirate, to appeal to the court requesting that Khoie Properties be brought under judicial custodianship until the completion of La Hoya Bay by a competent real estate developer to ensure that the rights of investors are protected.
New chief executive Ivan Gazidis has made a good impression and says he values our role and the importance of custodianship.
A fight is brewing over the custodianship of the birthplace and spiritual home of nursing in Australia--the Lucy Osburn Nightingale Foundation Museum.
Mr Al Shehabi said a petition was signed around four weeks ago by more than 210 religious leaders, stressing that the ministry has no right in imposing custodianship and restrict rules on religious institutions such as mosques.
The custodianship of an engine with a past so related to the history of the development of the South Wales ports would undoubtedly aid the further development of the Barry railway project enormously.