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sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen

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The bread and butter pudding, almost custardy, is the epitome of comfort food and a definite must-have.
I found the custardy Lowell European-Style Yogurt so much more enjoyable than what we've been spooning down forever.
I'm not normally a cream liqueur fan but was impressed initially by the attractive custardy colour.
Although fairly full we all had just enough room left for dessert and this really was the highlight of the meal for me as I had bread and butter pudding which was eggy, creamy, custardy and simply perfect.
Online video's coming from other nations as well: No matter what you think of pie-throwing as a form of protest, a European group's recent custardy bombardment of Belgium's antigay Catholic archbishop made for mesmerizing viewing.
Not worried, I knew from eating Marge's pie that after cooking it in the custardy filling it would melt in your mouth.
Eggs were popular, from scrambled to custardy to hefty, when mixed with ham and cheese in a breakfast burrito.
The producers on wanted lots of smoke but put too much nitrogen in, so it bubbled over and left this custardy pool on the floor.
The rest stay custardy no matter how long I cook them.
Then, out of the blue, Tracy mentioned that she was thinking of cooking Greek this week (we've both been thinking of all sorts of Hellenic dishes since I made that delicious custardy bougatsa a few weeks ago) and that I'd mentioned I rather like the famous crispy, squishy cheese and spinach pie, spanakopita.
Other highlights from the mini-menu served were the burgers -- which have an intense char-grilled flavour thanks to Cheer's barbecue oven (see box), the lobster cocktail (lovely to see a classic spruced up), and the French toast -- very custardy -- topped with pear compote.
And they have: We're seeing custardy panna cotta, indulgent gelato, soothing budino (Italian-style pudding), homey polenta cake, and semi-frozen specialties known as semifreddo.