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a prop consisting of an open pie filled with real or artificial custard

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The 21-year-old could still presumably live without the custard pie stunt when it comes to the numerous television appearances that will come with his new-found status as a Major winner but who needs dessert when you have already tasted victory?
58771569 Good-sport social work lecturer at Huddersfield Technical College, John Beverley, volunteered to be a custard pie target for some of his students.
ACHILDHOOD experience of having a custard pie thrown in his face has inspired actor and director Paul Hunter to pen a new play.
Mick Jagger and his entourage are filmed taking a custard pie or two to the face at the press party for their seventh studio album, "Beggar's Banquet.
Staff were having so much fun they chipped in to chuck the whole barrel of water over their bosses, before finally bringing out the coup de grace - custard pies.
WORKERS at a firm where failing staff get pelted with custard pies claim bosses also force them to make public sex confessions.
The slosh is back and the custard pies are being lined up for performers Clive Webb and Danny Adams as they head to Bedworth Civic Hall on Monday, April 6.
Once again they perform like a bunch of untalented clowns trying to hit each other with custard pies.
Punters were happy, too, as they got a chance to pelt local layer Peter Derrick with custard pies - to raise funds for the Midlands RGT.
Armed with splurge guns and custard pies, the young stars have been getting rave reviews for their show-stopping performances at Llanedeyrn High, in Roundwood, Cardiff, this week.
Karo's new pie recipes include fruit pies (pear, cherry, and apple), custard pies (caramel custard, apple custard), chiffon pies (lemon chiffon, orange chiffon and pomegranate chiffon), nut pies (raisin walnut, coconut oatmeal, pecan) and such novel pies as Golden Syrup Walnut Pie and Squash Custard Pie, and - of course - Pumpkin Pie.
Recipes such as Fried Cheese, Roast Quail in Grape Leaves, Vanilla Custard Pies and many more capture the essence of traditional flavors, and are presented with extensive, explicit instructions along with a introduction to the nature of the dish and when is best to serve it.
Two men who rushed the stage with custard pies were cuffed by campus cops.