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meanspirited disagreeable contrariness

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For his playing, his wit, his creativity, his cussedness, his strange lexicon, his unpredictability, his Dream Team coaching, his Tenth-Dan Obi Wan-Nil Kenobi influence on Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Guardiola.
unconventional, not out of a spirit of rebelliousness or cussedness but
Because without his vision, enterprise, tenacity and at times cussedness, Australia would not have had the forum that The Oz has provided for us to debate ourselves, our directions, and our legal, moral and commercial frameworks--all of which have, for the past 50 years, helped shape what we are today.
just plain cussedness have This final gateway to get to sanctuary You
The expediency of principle YOU can only step back and admire the bravery, the determination and the sheer cussedness of James Cairns.
into words" why they are fighting, but, whether out of "pride," "duty," or "pure cussedness," again move into the frame, heading towards one more of those costly hills that have become the defining objective and indeed the ultimate story of the war.
Sweetland is both a testament to human resilience and a keen study of where that resilience shades into cussedness and derangement.
There just seems to be something in the make-up of the southern sides that gives them an inner resolve and a stubborn cussedness.
To be already in the quarter-finals and going into the last round to play for a home quarter-final is testament to the quality and the cussedness of the squad.
There is no religious requirement for women to cover their faces and I believe that some who may not have considered doing so in the past adopt it out of pure cussedness, knowing that it provokes controversy.
First, Taylor found himself caught up in geopolitical struggles that curbed his Little Englander cussedness.
Bare or uncoated metal will corrode through cussedness as it attempts to go back to its original oxide form which is more stable than pure metal due to the environmental attack on metal by electrochemical reaction through which the metal is exposed.
This is classic Headwaters--a mixture of whimsy and gravity, pride and suffering, all held together by cussedness and a respect for the multiplicity of perspectives and personalities that make up a community.
It was not a match to savour at Murrayfield, but you still cannot fail to be impressed by the cussedness and determination of Rob Howley's men.
This inherent cussedness explains why some nations accept outside occupation and domination with barely more than a muffled mutter of protest, while other peoples quickly organize themselves to drive the outsider away.