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Synonyms for cussed

stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

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On the way home Dad rolled the windows down and cussed and shook his head.
And as a study of a bad marriage redeemed by cussed circumstance and real individual growth, this couldn't be a more faithful homage to the author's finely tuned understanding of character and relationships.
LOU PINIELLA, Seattle manager, on an argument with the plate umpire: "I cussed him out in Spanish and he threw me out in English.
On Friday, he gave P2,000 to Caritas as he cussed again shortly after meeting Valles.
Even if you give it points for sheer cussed weirdness.
Yes, it's vulgar, but show me a person who claims not to have cussed in his life and I'll tell you he or she is a hypocrite.