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Synonyms for cussed

stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

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Steer he can - no boy better, ef I say it - an' the rest's in our blood an' get; but I could wish he warn't so cussed weak on navigation.
And as a study of a bad marriage redeemed by cussed circumstance and real individual growth, this couldn't be a more faithful homage to the author's finely tuned understanding of character and relationships.
Most of us probably have cussed at least once or twice in our lives.
LOU PINIELLA, Seattle manager, on an argument with the plate umpire: "I cussed him out in Spanish and he threw me out in English.
She's not only a talented broadcaster but now she's proved she's a determined, cussed, single-minded prima donna too.
Even if you give it points for sheer cussed weirdness.
Staying true to his space-cadet rep, Patterson admitted he used curse words in a confrontation with McMillan during Sunday's game against the Knicks, but denied he actually cussed him out.
If the Danish side of my family is any example, the Swedish filmmaker and Redford do manage to hit a few major behavioral notes truly: Einar's cussed, Scandinavian genius for placing blame and nursing grudges.