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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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Point out that the shark has the most teeth; the lion has very long, sharp, pointed cuspids; the horse has big, squarish teeth; the elephant has tusks and large flat teeth for chewing; the chimpanzee has teeth that look a bit like the human's but with pointier cuspids.
Incisors should be colored red, cuspids green, and molars blue.
The Blair Cuspids & The Sea of Tranquility -- In 1966, the image of a rather unusual rock formation on the surface of the Moon's Sea of Tranquility casting remarkably long shadows confounded scientists and continues to do so to this day.
When these upper six teeth are in Pont's Index, put distal extensions on the body wire both upper and lower if necessary--at the same time upper and lower cuspids can be put into position.
The morphology of the remaining teeth, especially the anterior teeth, is characterized by conically-shaped lateral incisors or cuspids and barrel-shaped central incisors.
arInbrusteri are simpler, with the p2 not having accessory cuspids and the p3 varying from having no additional cusps, to having a small simple posterior accessory cusp (Gidley, 1913; Gidley and Gazin, 1938).
Bringing the Cuspids Into Proper Position In Organic Occlusion William E Runyon, D.