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a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)


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ing performance, as she beden of molars, cuspidors and is as unlikely, and wonderful, And of co woodworm fa gether with th the "valleys" urse, there is the voracious amily, the Cuprinols who, toheir numerous offspring from ", are eyeing the wooden cuckoo.
I'd drawn up a set of cartoons which featured a group, The Cuspidors, and he liked them.
Should Villa's brigands board and search the train, surely they would never think of the cuspidors.
When a green rookie named Jimmy Adams broke into the major leagues, his teammates exposed his naivete by convincing him that cuspidors were china vases and that he could light a cigar by unscrewing a light bulb and touching the wires.
Trap-Ez filters are designed to replace the traps in cuspidors and evacuation systems, improving performance while reducing the potential for contamination.
This is a hotel, moreover, with "wilting potted palms, brass cuspidors turning green, ratty wing chairs," a style the screenplay describes as "deco-gone-to-seed" (13).