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Synonyms for cuspidal

having cusps or points

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the sets of all partitions and all cuspidal representations for all groups [GL.
The most persistent feature appeared to be the collars around the cuspidal areas, which were easier to see from Sept 23, on which date Adamoli reported N.
The first volume includes a bibliography of Gelbart followed by ten papers on the trace formula, global integrals of Ranking-Selberg type and Shimura type, Gauss sum combinatorics and metaplectic Eisenstein series, a partial Poincare series, restrictions of Saito-Kurokawa representations, models for certain residual representations of unitary groups, crown theory for the upper half plane, unitary periods and Jacquet's relative trace formula, the symmetric powers of cusp forms on GL(2), and the cohomological approach to cuspidal automorphic representations.
content_id=130 heterothermy cuspidal meridia http://www.
Moreover, the sigmoid behavior for the S wave is indicative of a so-called cuspidal region in the material with an angular range [[Theta].