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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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Students will use the Color Key to color the teeth-incisors red, cuspids green, molars blue.
The study was conducted using a proprietary bioadhesive buccal tablet (Lauriad(R)) placed on the cuspid fossa beneath the upper lip.
Transesophageal echocardiogram demonstrated a heavily calcified unicuspid aortic valve with reduced cuspid excursion and moderate to severe aortic regurgitation (Figure 1a).
Ideally, alveolar cleft bone grafting should be delayed as long as possible, until just before the permanent cuspid teeth erupt into the cleft area (age 9 to 12 years), thus allowing more maxillary growth before surgical intervention (21).
75 in SL; dorsal at midbody; trunk scales 5/38/3', 12 predorsal, 14 around caudal peduncle; base of caudal covered with small scales extending onto the proximal 1/4 or 1/3 of the middle of the lobes, not along their border; anal fin iii,18-19, no hooklets observed; S03 entire, except a small "naked" triangle dorso-posteriorally; premaxilla with 4 tricuspid teeth in the outer row and 4 pentacuspid ones in the inner row, all teeth usually black, the cuspids long; maxilla short, just reaching level of anterior margin of eye, with one broad black tooth; mandible 4 pen-tacuspid followed by about 8 much smaller tricuspid teeth.
If these two countries choose not to spell it out in as many words or not to show it by overt action or utterance, it may serve us well to be reminded that 'sheep's clothing' has proverbially been deceptive; wolves may even successfully alter their voices, mute their utterances or hide their cuspids for a time, but it is for the others never to be taken in and to always remain vigilant and alive to an ugly reality, however well muted, camouflaged or sugar coated
my Coretex jacket with a slight corner-tear from his cuspids.
She sat with hundreds of other slack-jawed patients, hoping for some sort of relief for aching molars, cuspids, and reddened gums.
When these upper six teeth are in Pont's Index, put distal extensions on the body wire both upper and lower if necessary--at the same time upper and lower cuspids can be put into position.
The morphology of the remaining teeth, especially the anterior teeth, is characterized by conically-shaped lateral incisors or cuspids and barrel-shaped central incisors.
Forceps, extraction, dental, lower incisors, cuspids and bisuspids, left IS :6826