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the lean flesh of a cod-like fish of North Atlantic waters

large edible marine fish of northern coastal waters

elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth

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Cusk perfila a los personajea traves de lo que dicen y como lo dicen, a veces le basta con una intervencion, como en el caso de los alumnos, otras se deleita en la conversacion.
With literary sleight of hand, Cusk is playing narrative tricks, and Transit, like Outline before it, slowly reveals much about Faye, too, no matter how concealed she tries to remain.
Recent literature on women's work and family conflicts supports observations like Slaughter's, and also those of Cusk, whose experience of modern motherhood assailed her sense of mobility and freedom.
In her novel Cusk shows us a striking vignette of a woman's initial seduction and then increasingly unhappy relation to the 'happy objects' towards which she has oriented herself and her desires.
ONE CAN READ many reviews praising the British writer Rachel Cusk for her similarity to such literary greats as Anton Chekov and Virginia Woolf.
The other contenders for the prize were Rachel Cusk for Arlington Park, Xiaolu Guo for A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers, Anne Tyler for Digging To America, Jane Harris for The Observations and Man Booker winner Kiran Desai for The Inheritance of Loss.
This year's shortlist is made up of six writers, including: Rachel Cusk for Arlington Park; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for Half of a Yellow Sun; and Xiaolu Guo for A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers.
Perhaps the most widely known is stockfish (stokkfisk, to a Norwegian), in which cod, ling, saithe or cusk are air-dried at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three months, resulting in a fishy, gamy-tasting flesh.
Sei whales and Risso dolphins make this area their home, as do redfish, hake, sculpin, cusk (pictured) and shanny.
The River Project's newest work (supported by the DEC's Harbor Estuary Program) is an online encyclopedia of vocalizations of New York Harbor fish, including oyster toadfish, cusk eel, and grubby sculpin.
net USS Cusk 348: Delmer Wetering (605) 368-2432; DSwetering@aol.
The steepest declines were observed in smooth skate (Raja senta), thorny skate (Raja radiata), monkfish (Lophius americanus), cusk (Brosme brosme), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), and wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) (Strong and Hanke 1995).
When the group pulled up the net it was filled with specimens including a horn shark, several varieties of perch, Pacific sand dabs, a California scorpion fish and spotted cusk eels, to name just a few.