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the lean flesh of a cod-like fish of North Atlantic waters

large edible marine fish of northern coastal waters

elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth

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CUSK writes about fractured relationships, people trying to connect with other people and families where what's happening on the surface is never the full story.
In A Life's Work by Rachel Cusk, she explodes the myth of rosy-faced infants, glowing mothers and cosy coffee mornings with cooing babes and indulgent sighs.
These include Denton Welch, Rex Warner, Anita Brookner, Rachel Cusk and many others.
The London-based writer Rachel Cusk is the author of seven novels and three memoirs, many of which explore the difficulties of individual self-expression within marriage, motherhood, and family.
11-pound cusk, and Hubbardston's Devin Freeman, who landed the winning junior division winter flounder at five pounds.
At Los Islotes, the most important prey were cusk eel (Aulopus bajacali), bigeye bass Pronotogrammus eos), threadfin bass Pronotogrammus multifasciatus), and splitail bass (Hemanthias sp.
Rachel Cusk has written five interlinking stories which tell with devastating clarity of the nature of love, loneliness and emptiness.
Birthdays: Professor Averil Cameron, 60; writer Rachel Cusk, 33; harpist Osian Ellis, 72; former chief rabbi Lord Jakobovits, 78; American actor Jack Lemmon, 75; American composer and conductor, John Williams, 68.
Skipper Richard Harrison gave them the early initiative with a meaty short-corner conversion, and a sustained push involving Tim Cusk and Fraser Cowie left Raj Mawee unmarked for No.
Thomas the househusband is learning to play the piano, and the musical references are insistent, as if Cusk thought they were what would hold the novel together; but what holds it together is the skewering quality of her observation.
With Tim Cusk firing over a string of left-wing crosses, Jaguar passed up several chances before finally taking the lead when Raj Mawee's shot was kicked away and Micky White rammed home the penalty.