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Synonyms for cushy

Synonyms for cushy

not burdensome or demanding

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Ferguson initially submitted information about the Tooshie Cushy to Innovation Direct[TM] in July 2012 on the company's Confidential Product Outline.
I''d urge anyone who was in the Cushy Cow Lane area last night to come forward.
Like their Foreign Service counterparts, CIA officers came to yearn for cushy assignments in the world's more attractive cities, especially those in Europe, in contrast to the places where their services were most needed.
At the Los Angeles Auto Show, where big engines once ruled and horsepower was king, cushy seats and stereo gadgets now hog the spotlight.
Although Manhattan property had appreciated markedly in that time, some brokers and investors concluded that the building's jump in value could also be credited in part to a cushy sale price.
But I would further submit that much of the bloat is at the top, sitting on cushy furniture.
I now work in a well-paying, cushy office job and have two beautiful little girls (ages five and seven).
Made of chrome-plated carbon steel, the bulber has a cushy, rubbery handle and measurements on the side so you know how deep to go.
The Tour: Their homey, historic wine cellar--residence resembles a contemporary library with a cask, cleverly converted into a tasting bar with cushy leather sofas and boldly colored artworks and furnishings.
404-233-2227), an outdoor venue that offers stage-side tables and a cushy lawn for attendees to enjoy twilight picnics.
Le Creme's decor includes a vintage white and pastel interior, super cushy floral-print chairs, antique furniture and an outdoor garden for parties.
Ex-Fianna Fail high -flyer Alison Boyle quit her council seat after she landed a cushy EUR35k-a-year job in a council headed by lover Tom Dowling.
The salon, the authors argue, was an arena of self-promotion and social mobility: a setup that was democratic rather than elitist (in spite of the frequently cushy mise-enscene), allowing minds to meet according to mutual interests, and kibitz.
Bamboo is also a good alternative, as is cork, a sustainable wood-like option known for its natural warmth and cushy feel.
An insider at the jail - dubbed the Killie Hilton because of the cushy lifestyle led by prisoners - said: 'The place is in an uproar about this.