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Synonyms for cushiony

softened by the addition of cushions or padding

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For single-letter symbols, I am unable to find anything longer than Ed Wolpow's PSYCHOPANNYCHY [1], though for the case where repeated symbols are forbidden I can offer the 8-letter WICKYUPS, UNBISHOP, CUSHIONY, CHIBOUKS, and BOYCHIKS.
Babies fell off the cushiony seat, and some were found hanging in the safety harness.
Called the Progressive Comfort System, it consists of a nice, cushiony recoil pad, the center of which bears on a recoil-absorbing device located inside the stock.
It is durable, yet soft and cushiony for chicks to rest and walk on.
The souvlaki here is a winner, a cushiony flatbread enveloping juicy charred chicken, with plenty of mustard and mayo, wisps of red onion, parsley, and a bundle of salty French fries.
Follow Koala on Facebook and win gifts every day with Koala's 12 Cushiony Days of Christmas at www.
The bed, soft and cushiony, occupied just a third of the room space near the glass wall; the central portion had a comfy sofa with a table while the front portion had a working space with the bar area.
Posts fore and aft for quick-detach sling swivels are there, and length of pull is 13 3/8 inches; two removable spacers beneath a very cushiony one-inch-thick recoil pad allow pull length to be reduced to 12 7/8 and 12 3/8 inches.
An inviting clean space filled with the biggest selection of premium Vape Mods and accessories, and countless displays of every flavor & brand of "E-juice" imaginable, it's easy to get lost trying out the many varieties of E-juices, in the comfort of a cushiony bar stool.
These shoes have soles made from the wheels' treed and a cushiony foot bed of finely ground tire.
They uplift when you are feeling down, provide melodies with a velvet cushiony softness and combine personal intimacy with astute technical know-how.
4) The Tsubo Wazata ($140) has a sleek design and a double-density polyurethane footbed that's firmer in the heel for support and softer by the toe for cushiony comfort.
Even AeroBed has added foam to its portable airbed line, with the introduction of a Premier Memory Foam design that includes a cushiony layer of viscoelastic held in place by a stitched-on mattress topper, retailing for $299.
Making her HGO debut, Canadian soprano Alexandra Deshorties was a commanding presence as Elettra, especially in her scarlet first-act gown, and her cushiony but thrusting, soprano handled both yearning and rage with equal effectiveness.