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apparent increase in aerodynamic lift experienced by an aircraft flying close to the ground

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The inflated airbag's cushioning effect combined with increased distance to the hard components in the engine compartment help protect the pedestrian's head in the impact.
The track walks fantastic, you just can't estimate the cushioning effect of the new material and it does appear to be hard work at present.
This squeezing force is concentrated into a very narrow nip line area due to the cushioning effect of the top layer.
10, 2011 (CENS) -- Thanks to the cushioning effect of the appreciation of the NT dollar, Taiwan's consumer price index only advanced 1.
The cushioning effect of oil wealth meant that the Middle East region was among the last to feel the strain of the global recession, which began to take hold elsewhere in 2008.
It handled the chop on Lake Wawasee in northern Indiana well, and more speed allowed it to compress air between the twin hulls for a cushioning effect.
However, this cushioning effect is lower when interest rates are already near zero, or when many countries consolidate at the same time.
Due in part to the cushioning effect of strong order backlogs in a number of infrastructure businesses, revenue of Euro 18.
Aqua Circuit is low impact and the cushioning effect of the water protects joints in the spine, ankle, hip and knees.
But the hydropower system's cushioning effect is wearing thin as demand grows and as intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar power are integrated into the electric system.
The gap between the current prices and the high prices of 2008 narrowed significantly, so the cushioning effect to the inflation waned.
If it's a large pedestrian or on a small town car, the airbag also provides a cushioning effect around the stiff peripheral regions [of the windscreen]," New Scientist magazine quoted him as saying.
However, continues the Czech EU Presidency, "unlike other sectors," agriculture can make use of "many market mechanisms and measures" under the first pillar of the CAP, including food demand, "which constitutes a relatively stable variable acting as a counter-cyclical stabiliser," "stable income" under direct payments, "which ensure a minimum cushioning effect in the event of radical declines in earnings," and financial support for diversification of activities through rural development projects.
Thus far, the Gulf states have remained fairly isolated from the impact of the crunch, partly due to the cushioning effect of surplus liquidity in their immediate neighborhood and the unspoken guarantee that massive sovereign wealth can be used to shore up any domestic collapse.