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artifact consisting of soft or resilient material used to fill or give shape or protect or add comfort

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Best of all the Festo DSNU-PPS self-adjusting cylinders cost less than adjustable air cushioning versions and provide far superior cushioning performance than elastomer buffers.
The originally intended use for Bubble Wrap cushioning was entirely different than how it is used today.
This product is a totally new kind of cushioning that doesn't sag, droop or go flat and far surpasses the cushioning that is currently available to the industry.
Layer crushing and sectional bulging tended to suggest that air flow through the open cell structure influenced the deformation mechanism and therefore had some bearing on cushioning performance.
Materials of this type are used in applications requiring a combination of cushioning and resilience, such as shoe inserts, gaskets and constant-load contact switches.
This three-dimensional puzzle uses custom-cut pieces of Bubble Wrap([R]) cushioning to build a 2.
Hannah Barkey, 13, Steamboat Springs, Colorado - "Steamboat Sealed Air Shade" - A roman shade that is insulated with Bubble Wrap([R]) cushioning.
Original inventions must incorporate the use of Bubble Wrap(R) brand cushioning, and entries must include a visual and written description that explains the name of the invention, the purpose it serves, how it works and how the idea was formulated.
These have a little bit more cushioning and a bit more support than racing flats.
Bubble Wrap(R) cushioning was originally intended to be a type of textured wallpaper, but the inventors quickly realized that it was in fact a superior packaging material.
Today, Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE:SEE), the inventor of Bubble Wrap(R) cushioning, announced the celebration of the 5th Annual Bubble Wrap(R) Appreciation Day, a national holiday for bubble-popping aficionados everywhere.
Customers will benefit from the design's improved wafer cushioning, analytical testing capability and overall freight cost reductions.
FP International is a leading manufacturer and provider of protective packaging products and packaging systems, including air cushions, polyethylene foam and bubble, loosefill made of recycled polystyrene and cornstarch and Kraft paper cushioning.
By cushioning the compression plates, MammoPad makes the procedure significantly more comfortable for most women.
The MammoPad breast cushion -- a single-use, adhesive-backed foam pad -- adds to women's comfort by covering and cushioning the surfaces of the mammography device.