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Synonyms for cushy

Synonyms for cushy

not burdensome or demanding

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Ao Shawn subjects himself to this same rough scrutiny, noting that heAAEs firing off his polemics from the cushiness of his New York apartment.
With the University of Cyprus' offer, our insular public servantsA now fear for their cushiness and thus overreact whenever change is mooted.
Otherwise I'd be reclined on said settee, savouring the cushiness of my surroundings, and not regretting one bit the fact no-one had spilt beer on my shoes yet.
But I missed my girls on Desperate Housewives and I missed the cushiness of the job.
Correspondent Holly Bailey reports that safety on campus is a variable that college applicants should consider, since on-or off-campus crime can affect your quality of life more than the cushiness of the dorms.