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Synonyms for cushy

Synonyms for cushy

not burdensome or demanding

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Later on, by the 1980s, they arrived too late to enter the most lucrative professions and the cushiest corporations, by now glutted with Boomer yuppies.
Not exactly Survivor or Road Rules, LB is one of the cushiest and most posh of the reality shows.
But as veteran students of bureaucracy know, it also reflects a truth about the CIA bureaucrats that is similar to why foreign service officers try to preserve the cushiest assignments in Europe.
Don't they have better things to do than spend eight years in the cushiest job in Sacramento, a job clearly meant for someone as unskilled as myself?
That's why I think the job of press officer at Buck House must be the cushiest in the land - you don't have to spend your time doing all the things most PR people have to do.
The Blues' defence has become so impregnable that Cech has one of the cushiest jobs in football, and punters should build their staking plan for today's Manchester City-Chelsea clash around the likelihood of yet another Chels clean sheet.
com camp ing buddy; fleece-lined stuff or (800) 423-2320 sack (stuff it to make a pillow) is nice Big Lux Cot, Has to be the world's cushiest cot; Slumberjack, sleeve to hold sleeping pad (pad is www.
It's not the cushiest job," says 23-year-old States reporter David Enrich.
But not as happy as Tony, who tells me it's the cushiest job he's ever had.
As for 22nd Regiment Royal Artillery, the famed ``Welsh Gunners'', their website maintenance man has the cushiest number of all as he reports ``no news at this time''.
I went through all the ranks from private to acting full colonel, but in retrospect the cushiest of all was unpaid acting lance corporal, which I held for my long journey on a troopship to the Middle East.
Well, the top of a car might not sound like the cushiest of landing surfaces.
For years our client had been considered the cushiest employer in the business," Getzler said.
Meanwhile, cushiest job going must be that of a royal protection officer.