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Synonyms for cushy

Synonyms for cushy

not burdensome or demanding

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Quacks have been coining it in, while working cushier hours, ever since they hit the NHS lottery, funded by you and me.
The Makhtoum family are renowned in racing for their ruthlessness in unseating failing jockeys and with Liverpool clearly also-rans in the Premier League title race and nonrunners in the FA Cup, there is no suggestion the Spaniard's job would be cushier.
He had a chance for a cushier, more patriotic assignment.
Bowden fears the move back to a tougher prison in England, and has told prisoners and warders that he prefers life in cushier Perth.
But the cold-blooded killer is moaning that he may not be moved to a cushier Category C jail because he needs medical attention only available at Gartree.
They take vast quantities of our money and spend it on themselves, making sure their lives are much cushier than ours.
But staff at high-security Wakefield prison are convinced the sketches are an attempt by Huntley to trick psychiatrists into believing he is mad so he can get a move to a cushier jail.
Set financial goals - whether it's for a new car, trip to Hawaii or cushier retirement.
The guards are convinced Bellfield is doing this for better meals and a cushier life.
Obviously, a prison officer on around pounds 25,000 has a far cushier life than all those executives who upped their salaries by 37 per cent to an average of pounds 2.
If he could show he is of sound mind he could apply to be re-assessed with a view to moving to a cushier unit.
I've heard him bragging to his friends about how he's got a much cushier number living at home, with his mother doing everything for him.
He talks about the ``grocery getters'' and how their new popularity has been both a boon and a bother to their pastime, how manufacturers are making suspensions softer and cushier for the highway travelers, yet are producing more and better models than ever.
Documents seen by the Mirror reveal evidence David Bieber was plotting an escape while fighting for cushier conditions at the High Court.
The only job which was cushier as far as I was concerned was that of a taster in the Guinness brewery or the guy who helps Britney Spears change costumes during her concerts.