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plant bearing squash having globose to ovoid fruit with variously striped grey and green and white warty rinds

globose or ovoid squash with striped grey and green warty rind

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Here, he has planted two acres with watermelon, okra, cabbage and cushaw.
I pollinated cushaw squash, we ate a bowl of fresh-picked raspberries, pulled a basket of weeds for the ram and buck, switched the drain hose to another cistern when it started raining, gave the tomatoes a pep talk, and have bacon in the freezer and flour ready for bread (BLTs).
A half dozen plants each of a buttercup, a butternut, a cushaw, and a zucchini will produce plenty of food for the average family, and probably the entire community.
In the maxima species you have the buttercups and hubbards; in the mixta, the cushaws and some gourds; the moschata includes butternuts and cheeses; and pepo has the acorns, small gourds, summer squashes (crookneck, scallops, zucchini), and many pumpkins (pumpkins are squashes).