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Synonyms for curvy

having a full, voluptuous figure

Synonyms for curvy

having curves


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(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

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Twisting the ordinary two-dimensional plane into a helicoid converts the plane's flatness into saddle-based curviness.
Weak correlations were found with curviness and heartwood taper and none with log length and log taper.
The curviness of the roads and the beauty of the scenery make these journeys worth savoring rather than rushing through.
Throw in the corkscrew turns and abundant side-of-the-road shrubbery--frequently we would have branches scouring the side of the car unless we dared to drive straddling the center line when we could see some distance ahead (a rare occasion considering the curviness of the roads)--and many of our sidetrips were a bit nerve-racking, albeit enjoyable.
African-American men are directionally more likely to embrace and aspire to curviness - they say they want curvier hips and a higher/rounder butt or a larger butt.
As a teenager I was so thin my hipbones would bang into doorways, so I loved the curviness of pregnancy.
And this creates fluidity--a kind of ongoing roundness and curviness, so the movements blend in a nonjarring way to the eye and body.
Now, Tibbetts and James Dale of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, report that in Polistes dominulus wasps, a colony's 10-or-so queens vary in facial-spot "brokenness," an index combining the number of spots and the curviness of their edges.
Some still feel there's a need for them to retain a certain ideal in Hollywood, which I think is sad, because men find curviness very attractive.
Such is the radical change from boxiness to curviness in this, the company's 100th year.
Ghavami is able to remove fat and skin from the abdomen in the tummy tuck surgery and then transfer the fat to the buttocks in order to achieve optimal curviness and rejuvenate and tighten the entire body.
The New Yorker blamed a liking of beer and a sedentary lifestyle for Irish curviness.
Now, mathematicians have shown that such reversals of direction result from the curviness inherent in tendrils and cords.