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Synonyms for curvilinear

deviating from a straight line

Synonyms for curvilinear

characterized by or following a curved line


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In a subsequent study, Abbey and colleagues (2003a) found that the amount of alcohol used by the perpetrator was curvilinearly related to the severity of sexual assault committed, but linearly related to aggressive behaviors during the assault.
2] and Olsen extractable P were curvilinearly related for both the 0-20 and 0-100mm depths (P<0.
As a mechanical consequence of consuming different bite sizes, bite rates declined curvilinearly with increasing bite size ([r.
Year-class strength of northern pike was negatively related to spring wind speed and was curvilinearly related to spring air temperature.
CEO ownership, on the other hand, is positively and curvilinearly related to misleading disclosures, as shown in Models 2 and 4 of Table 2.
They found that expectant fathers' closeness to family of origin was curvilinearly related to their attitudes toward father involvement; that is, when expectant fathers were either very close or very distant to their families, their attitudes toward father involvement were more positive.
Although this discussion will focus on the linearly tapered coathanger die, there also exist developments of similar curvilinearly tapered coathanger dies (2) and coathanger dies of rectangular cross-section (3).